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We are proud to release the new StageSmarts HMI application. We have completely reworked the old webserver-based application into a much more competent and flexible platform. The application enables you to monitor our distribution systems in a more advanced and scalable way than ever before.

Take complete control

The StageSmarts HMI application enables you to monitor and supervise your power distribution system in a completely new way. 

Manage multiple systems, groups, and units with real-time information from every part of your setup. Monitor status, performance, and consumption, get warnings, and get heads-ups to ensure your event goes on without any interruptions. 

Examine graphs and historical data for extended information on your system’s performance, which enables you to make appropriate decisions regarding future demands on power and distribution.


  • IPV6 Network communication.
  • Works in managed & unmanaged networks.
  • MacOS, Windows & Linux versions.
  • Load monitoring for mains & outputs.
  • Voltage, frequency & power factor.
  • Status information & warnings.
  • Graphs for historical data.
  • Systems, groups & units.
  • Firmware update system.
StageSmarts HMI software

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