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Next generation power distribution

We design and manufacture power distribution systems that are engineered for the events market. Our systems are designed to handle the tough loads presented by for example LED technology and at the same time, provide maximum protection and complete supervision on a channel-by-channel basis.

Be safe, not sorry

Are you using the most secure, safe and dependable power distribution available to power your video, lighting and audio equipment?

Are you providing the best protection for your crew and your customers against potentially lethal electrical shocks?

Are you confident that your power distribution can minimize damage to your equipment (and your reputation) in case of a major fault condition?

Breakers that don’t quit

We use a much better and more durable type of circuit breakers, the hydraulic-magnetic type. They provide superior and consistent protection at any operating temperature, handle inrush and leakage currents much better than traditional circuit breakers and are sealed to protect them against impact from dust and humidity. In short – ideal for the demanding stage and event usage. In addition to this, our systems feature individual residual current (‘earth leakage’) protection per channel.

Modular output connectors

The stage and events market have many connection standards – different connectors, different wiring. This is the reality and our smartPDU series feature output modules to deal with this, enabling quick change from one type of connectors and wiring to another. This also makes changing a damaged connector very easy, it can even be done while the smartPDU is running. No need to power down the entire systems and distribution and send back to the service department.

Load monitoring

Real time load monitoring on all the main channels gives you the ability to understand what’s really going on in your system so that you can take the right action quickly. Lost loads, overloads, disconnected cables are easily discovered.

We also offer comprehensive monitoring of all voltages and currents, power consumption, power factor and more. This helps you keep an eye on show critical loads, helps you balance your loads between phases and stay on top of any problems before they can impact your show.

True protection

A lost neutral connection almost always results in seriously damaged equipment and a cancelled show. Our systems have a unique ‘lost neutral’ protection sensor that really works and shuts down the power in milliseconds.

All our circuit breakers are comply to the tough EN60947-2 standard which means they are much more robust and will reliably serve and protect your equipment and people year after year.

The residual current protection (a k a earth leakage) is much more precise and offers significantly more headroom for background leakage than the ‘consumer grade’ solutions typically used by others.


It’s a beautiful piece of kit which is very easy to set up and use. I can’t recommend highly enough the benefits of the smartPDU for applications where it’s critical that the power never goes off, and when very power-hungry power requirements are needed. In my opinion it’s a new benchmark in power distribution.

Arny B. Arnold

CEO, Titan Reality

Connect more equipment on less outputs

Todays lighting and video systems rely almost entarily on switch mode power supplys for internal power. This approch has many benefits but the drawback is problems with increasing earth leakage currents and high start up currents. This causes the power distribution breakers to trip long before the connected load has reached the breakers limit.

We designed the smartPDU and the C-series power distribution with this in mind. The result is that you can connect up to 4 times as many fixtures on one channel when comparing to other solutions. This saves you work, cables, manpower and money.

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We have been using the smartPDU series from StageSmarts since day one and they been non-stop busy on numerous tours and events ever since. Our video systems typically represent millions of Pounds of value so it makes sense to spend a little more to get the best possible protection and supervision.

The smartPDU distros handles the often troublesome inrush- and leakage currents of LED panels with ease. Both the product and the support from StageSmarts has been first class.

Oliver Luff

Director, Universal Pixels, UK.

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