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Large scale touring power distribution

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We design and build a new class of power distribution units for the entertainment industry. We provide innovative technology paired with durable mechanical design and new levels of safety and protection for you and your equipment. We will enable you and your clients to stay safe, protected and ahead of the competition.

Increased load capacity

We use a hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers that are built for extreme durability and can handle the troublesome start-up currents that modern lighting and video panels cause. Our breakers can handle 2-3 times as many LED panels as conventional power distribution units and they support their rated current specifications in a wide range of a temperatures.

No compromise safety

You are required by law to provide protection against electric shock by using earth leakage protection devices, but very often this is done the wrong way, leading to a lot of issues. We do it the best way possible – individual protection per circuit. This way you get minimum interruption and no need to spend valuable time finding out which circuit caused issue.

No nuisance tripping

You’ve probably experienced earth protection tripping for no apparent reason. Well, there are several reasons. Most of the products that you connect create a certain amount of harmless background leakage plus the fact that a 30mA RCD may trip as low as 15mA!  Our earth leakage protection is very precise and give you more headroom for the unavoidable background leakage.

Lost neutral protection

Over-voltage due to a lost neutral connection damages products all the time and the cost of the repair, lost revenue and the significant down-time waiting for spare parts is significant. We took the time and trouble to develop a fast effective ‘loss-of-neutral’ sensor that disconnects all connected loads from the mains immediately.

No more guesswork

Is everything fine? Are all loads connected, are there any issues with the electricity? Fair questions to ask but hard to answer – unless you’re working with a Stage Smarts system. We provide crystal clear information about all aspects of the electrical power situation, down to individual outlets. Accessible locally and remotely. And if something happens, our battery backed-up monitoring will stay online to help you solve the issue.

Use it everywhere

Electrical standards, rules and regulations are broadly the same but there are some differences between countries. Our systems comply to all known national and regional rules. For example, that’s why we have E-stops (emergency shut down) fitted to our systems. With a Stage Smarts system, you can work anywhere and not worry about getting shut down by the Inspectors.

“The build quality and forward thinking design of the Stage Smarts power distribution has really impressed us. They gives us peace of mind on-site as it ensures that our team and the equipment is totally protected”

Dan Hamill

80six Ltd (UK)


What’s in a name? More than you think!

What’s in a name? More than you think!

StageSmarts has now begun its 8th year, and we thought we’d share the philosophy behind the brand and why we do what we do? We chose the name StageSmarts as we had ideas for various products in many stage-related areas. In the end, we decided to focus on power distribution.It’s was a product type that had

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B-series With the B-series, we make best-in-class power distribution available to a much wider group of applications and users. It is based on our very successful C-series and incorporates exactly the same circuit-breaker and protection technology used on a our larger...

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“The smartPDU has given me real peace of mind from being able to monitor the power load on each circuit at all times during events so I can be sure our lighting fixtures are fully protected from accidental overload.”

Wayne Whitson


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