24 x 16A









Hydraulic-magnetic RCBOs

Superior internal design handles inrush and leakage currents without “nuisance tripping”. Individual earth-leakage protection on every channel and consistent protection at any operating temperature makes these breakers ideal for the complex loads encountered in demanding event and stage applications.

Loss of neutral protection

The loss of the neutral connection can cause over-voltages that will seriously damage your connected equipment. Our power distribution units are fitted with a proprietary protection system that shuts the unit down instantly in case of a failed or disconnected neutral connection. 

Load monitoring

Real time load monitoring on all channels with clear status indication makes lost loads, overloads and disconnected cables easy to find and correct. We also offer comprehensive monitoring of all voltages and currents, power consumption, power factor and more.

Auxiliary Output

The C24 features a 32A 3-phase CEE 5-pin output. Using the same industrial grade hydraulic-magnetic type of breaker as the twenty-four main channels, this output gives you the same performance advantage but with a 4-pole 3-phase breaker and a separate residual-current device.

Adjustable RCD

Monitoring the 3-phase output on the C24 is an adjustable and disconnectable RCD relay. This enables you to optimize the RCD functionality for motor-controllers, inverters and other power distribution units further along the line. Trip current and time can be set individually with a simple interface. The RCD can be totally disconnected to avoid having several RCDs in serial connection. The disconnect function can be locked and the status is clearly visible on the front panel.

Remote supervision

An optional internal webserver can be fitted and enables you to remotely supervise and manage your units from a standard web browser on any platform. Real time streamed data includes voltages, main currents, channel loads, unit temperature and more. Units, cables and channels can be named and color coded. Several units can be supervised thru a single unified interface over a standard network.


The C24 is a twenty-four-channel power distribution unit designed for the needs of the entertainment industry. Perfectly suited to power LED screens, intelligent lighting, audio-systems and all of the complex loads that can be a real challenge to handle without interruptions.

Included in a very compact form-factor are superior 2-pole hydraulic-magnetic breakers, individual earth protection per channel, loss of neutral protection, emergency stop and a disconnectable power-cable. Channel 21-23 are duplicated with True1 connectors and channel 24 are duplicated with a convenience socket that can be customized for different markets.

The 32A 3-phase output on the C24 has a 4-pole breaker with a separate adjustable residual current relay. Current and time can easily be optimized for any load condition and the RCD relay can be totally disabled with a 2-step operation. The status of the RCD is clearly visible on the front panel to avoid any uncertainties. The RCD disable function can be locked in any mode of operation.

The C24 has a unique real-time load monitoring system that clearly displays what’s going on for each individual channel. The LED indicator signals green under normal load conditions and signals red when an overload occurs. The load sensor can register loads as small as approximately 5 watts.

The optional webserver and processing card give the C24 the ability to be remotely monitored on any device with a web-browser on any standard network. Main meter measurement, breaker status, neutral error status, temperature can all be streamed in real time along with the current for all individual channels. Units, cables and channels can be named and color-coded, notifications can warn you if something is out of expected operation.

The C24 can be combined with other Stage Smarts products seamlessly and integrates perfectly into bigger systems.



Output options




Harting 16


Harting 24



CH 24









Tested, certified & documented

Our products are thoroughly tested, certified and designed to accommodate to all relevant standards. We provide manuals, drawings and technical documents to support you and your team whether you’re on tour, working on an installation or doing one-off gigs. 

C 24 Specifications


Power input

Harting 4-pole+PE / 63A

5-wire (TN-S) 230/400V

Main breaker Disconnector, 4-pole 63A
Over-voltage protection Immediate disconnection in case of lost neutral connection
Main input metering All incoming voltages, all currents (including neutral current), power factor, frequency
Channel load monitoring Individual status indicating multicolor LED
No of main channels 24
Channel capacity and protection 16A / channel, RCBO A-type, 30mA
Auxiliary channel 32A, 5-pin CEE
Auxiliary capacity and protection 32A, 4-pole breaker, adjustable and switchable RCD (30mA-5A) (20ms-5s)
Main output connections Socapex, Harting 16, Harting 24, True1 + user selectable socket
Dimensions & weight 483 (19″) x 266 (6U) x 359mm, 18kg
Certifications, standards EN 61439-1, EN 62368-1:2014, EN 61000-6-1:2007,EN 55015:2006+A2:2009, BS7671, BS7909


 All specifications subject to change without notice