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The Complete Touring Package

The StageSmarts C72tv redefines what a large-scale, touring power distribution unit can be.

Superior capability to handle complex loads, extensive metering and monitoring functionality and flexible configuration possibilities in a roadworthy, tough and compact package.

The C72tv offers first-class protection and safety for your people and your equipment without costly disruptions to the show.

Stay informed on what’s going on in your system at all times and stay on top of the competition for years to come.

Superior capacity

The C72tv features 72 main channels with 16A capacity all protected by VDE approved RCBOs that are unaffected by temperature, handles inrush currents with ease and can be instantly reset. With a C72tv, you can handle difficult loads such as multiple LED video panels or lighting fixtures without annoying and disruptive nuisance tripping. Further extending the C72tv’s capacity are additional seven auxiliary 1-phase outputs and up to three 3-phase outputs according to your requirements.

Real time load and system monitoring

All the main channels have load monitoring with a status indicator next to its breaker and even more detail is available via the C72tv’s remote supervision system. Monitoring of all incoming voltages and currents as well as overall system status keeps you informed at all times. You can name each unit, color-code and name channels, set alarm levels to alert you about possible overloads or disconnected loads.

True flexibility

The standards for multi-pin connectors vary but with the C72tv you have full flexibility. The modular output panels enables you to quickly configure your C72tv to the application or customer requirements – perfect for dry-hire companies serving multiple markets. The C72tv covers all applications and requirements. And it cuts down maintenance time too. You can hot-swap an output panel with a damaged connector instantly.

Safety first

Electrical faults can be disastrous, for the people, for the equipment and for your reputation. No matter how well prepared you are, mistakes and accidents happen, that’s just a fact. Our road-proven and fast acting protection system shuts down the power in case of harmful and dangerous over-voltages, for example when the neutral connection on the incoming supply is missing or is poorly connected.


The C72tv is built for many years of rough handling on the road. It features an all-metal chassis for maximum durability and effective screening against external signals that could affect it (think radio communications etc). This super strong chassis is further enhanced by our unique 8-point shock-mounting in a custom flight case.
The overall dimensions are optimized for efficient truck pack and ease of handling.

We believe StageSmarts is a customer-friendly company with the same point of view as their buyers. They understand what's needed on the road and in this kind of trade. We are using several PDUs from them, and for us, they have quality products that can be used both as standalone or in a big setup."

Sander Krouwel // Road produkties Audiovisueel// NL

“The build quality and forward thinking design of the Stage Smarts power distribution has really impressed us. They gives us peace of mind on-site as it ensures that our team and the equipment is totally protected”

Dan Hamill // 80six Ltd (UK)

”As a new company we have the opportunity to start fresh with the best possible equipment. We feel that StageSmarts products offers the best value as they are built to last, easy to upgrade and very much in demand from the market. Our C72’s has been 100% booked since day one, we probably have to order some more!”

Jakob Viberg // Pearl street production// Swe



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