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It’s time to B properly protected!

With the B-series, we make best-in-class power distribution available to a much wider group of users and applications.
It is based on our very successful C-series and incorporates exactly the same circuit-breaker and protection technology used on our larger systems.

Available in a 12-channel and 24-channel version with 16A continuous load capacity and with a variety of output connectors, the B-series puts first class power distribution within everyone’s reach.

Rounding out the team, the B-quad is a master distribution unit that, together with the B-12 and B-24, enables larger system to be easily assembled.

The B-quad is available in a number of version to suit a variety of preferences and applications.

The B12 is a cost-effective and versatile power distribution unit suitable for a wide range of applications. It features the same high-performance parts and construction as all our other systems. The difference to the C12 is that it omits the metering of incoming power, load monitoring or an integrated web server.

Don’t let the size and price fool, this is serious power distribution for the most demanding applications, including large LED-display and stage lighting systems.


We believe StageSmarts is a customer-friendly company with the same point of view as their buyers. They understand what's needed on the road and in this kind of trade. We are using several PDUs from them, and for us, they have quality products that can be used both as standalone or in a big setup."

Sander Krouwel // Road produkties Audiovisueel// NL

“The build quality and forward thinking design of the Stage Smarts power distribution has really impressed us. They gives us peace of mind on-site as it ensures that our team and the equipment is totally protected”

Dan Hamill // 80six Ltd (UK)

”As a new company we have the opportunity to start fresh with the best possible equipment. We feel that StageSmarts products offers the best value as they are built to last, easy to upgrade and very much in demand from the market. Our C72’s has been 100% booked since day one, we probably have to order some more!”

Jakob Viberg // Pearl street production// Swe



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