smartBrik – just add imagination


Until now, you had to choose between large square LED display modules with great image quality but very limited creative scope. Or, smaller creative LED modules or strips that enable imaginative usage but with often limited image quality and complex and time-consuming setup.


Not anymore - Introducing the smartBrik series!


The smartBrik is a proper LED video display module but in a very compact package. It does not compromise on image quality, reliability or require extra equipment to function. It runs directly from AC power and data from the video processor.


The modules are lightweight and fitted with multiple attachment points that enables quick and easy integration with both stage sets and architectural elements. Chamfered edges facilitates angles and curved arrays.


The smartBrik series starts today with the 6.25mm version in 600, 900 and 1200mm lengths.

  • High resolution - 6.25mm pixel pitch
  • Bright - 4000 Nit brightness
  • Deep blacks thanks to all black LEDs and unique surface structure
  • Consistent – color and brightness calibrated.
  • Lightweight – only 2.1kg
  • All-in-one – no external power supplies or data boxes.


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