Clarke Cable – smart cable solutions


Power, data, communication – all within a single and durable jacket. UK wiring specialist Clarke Cable will design and build you what you want, when you want it.


Clarke Cable has been supplying leading audio, lighting and video rental companies in the UK for several years and now their smart, time saving and streamlined cable assemblies are starting conquer the rest of Europe and StageSmarts have been appointed as their exclusive distributor for Sweden.


No longer do you need to tape together multiple cables to create looms that will turn ugly and messy in a short time. The Clarke Cable solutions are not only work great, they also look good, are easy to clean and are extremely durable.


Some examples of smart cable solutions:


  • FOH cable featuring multiple Cat5/Cat6 as well as AC power and communication lines.


  • Video projector wiring with fiber-optic lines and multiple AC power.


  • Multi-drop wiring for tidy distribution of AC power to multiple LED fixtures.


One of Clarke Cable’s most recent successes is a combined power and DMX cable for use with the pre-rigged moving light trusses. Developed on request from rental company Neg Earth Lights, the cable system greatly reduces set-up time and practically eliminates wiring mistakes. Already road-tested on several international tours, it is now also finding application beyond touring, for example in side towers and on balcony rails in the theatres.


Pro audio is another market served – integrated cable solutions for today’s high-tech line arrays being one example. One major user of this is Martin Audio who supplies their systems together with a smart power and signal cabling solution created by Clarke Cable.


Contact us with your requirements and together we will find you a superior solution at a very fair price.


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