next generation power distribution

Magnetic hydraulic RCBO

A better breaker

The smartPDU series uses magnetic hydraulic RCBOs on all outputs. Unlike the thermo magnetic breaker, which are used on most other power distribution systems, the magnetic hydraulic breaker holds its very precise specifications in a very wide temperature range. Due to its superior design it is also better at handling transients and complex loads making it a better choice for the demanding stage and event markets. Combine this with individual earth leakage protection on each output and you are set to handle even the most complex power scenarios with ease.

Load monitoring

Monitor all your currents and more

The smartPDU series gives you the ability to know whats going on in your system so you can take the guesswork out of the equation. We give you real time load monitoring on all channel outputs and comprehensive monitoring on total power consumption, efficiency, frequency, neutral currents  and voltages. Keep an eye on show critical components, balance your load between phases and stay on top of problems even before the can impact your show.

Modular outputs

Adapt to your needs in minutes

Taking a new approach to the power distribution market the smartPDU series let you customize your system over time instead of only at the time of purchase. All channel outputs are modular and gives you the ability to adapt your output needs to any given situation, combine Socapex, Harting and patch outputs to your hearts and your customers desire in minutes. Should you by accident break a connector you can fix it in minutes and send only the broken bits to the repair shop, not the entire PDU.


Monitor your power situation on any device with a web browser. No proprietary network, no downloads, no problems.

36, 48 and 72 channels to fit all your needs

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